Chief Justice Bryan Sykes again highlighted the absence of significant supporting evidence to prove the case of serious crimes allegedly committed, by members of the One Don/Klansman Gang.

The case concerns the biggest anti-gang trial in the country’s history.

In his summation Wednesday, Justice Sykes said that in this day and age, the court cannot accept evidence only from a civilian eyewitness.

He noted that for at least two murder counts, there’s zero supporting evidence from the police. He questioned the absence of crime scene photographs, spent shells and other forensic evidence. He adds that this creates a difficulty in terms of the accuracy of dates on the indictment.

Justice Sykes said the purported dates could cover the period when some of the defendants were in police custody. He says at this point in history, it’s simply poor and unacceptable for the court to be put in such a position.

He notes that some of the evidence may be interesting, but may have no impact on the determination of the counts.

Justice Sykes made another major observation, noting that evidence presented by one of the Crown’s key witnesses, addresses several events prior to the end of November 2017.

However, several counts remaining on the indictment occurred in 2018.

Justice Sykes will continue his summation on Thursday morning at 10.