Former PNP President, Portia Simpson-Miller, has moved to distance herself from either of the camps involved in the impeding internal elections.

Since the announcement made by Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting of his intent to challenge PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, supporters have taken to social media platforms to declare their preference for the leadership of the party.

However, the former Prime Minister has taken to social media to quell the concerns surrounding the use of her name and images online. This following a statement released on Facebook where she states “I have not, and will not take a side.”

Over the past few days, the Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting has shared several videos and images on Twitter with ‘Mama P’ with the captions #comradeslinkup #comradestogether.

This has arisen concerns as to whether or not the former party leader is endorsing Bunting for leadership.

In response to one of the posts with Mrs. Simpson-Miller whispering in his ear and entitled ‘Caption this’, one user wrote “I have some winning tips for you”. Another quoted a popular line from a Bob Marley song ‘Don’t worry about a thing…”.

But, Mrs. Simpson Miller has since denied these allegations.

She concludes her statement by encouraging candidates to “campaign vigourously” and “be mindful that after the internal contest they must continue their preparations for general elections.”