The Ministry of Health and Wellness says it has begun the administration of the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines, effective yesterday.

Two-hundred thousand doses of the Sinopharm vaccine were donated to the island, courtesy of the People’s Republic of China. 

Sinopharm has now joined AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson as vaccines being administered in the country.

The ministry says members of the public who are 18-years-and-older are required to book a vaccination appointment to receive the first of two doses of the Sinopharm vaccine. 

They say Sinopharm will be made available at select vaccination sites island wide.

The ministry reiterated that the vaccine has been proven safe and effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalisation and death associated with Covid-19. 

The two-dose vaccine requires a period of three to four weeks between doses.

Appointments may be made by using the online portal at the health and wellness ministry’s website or by calling the National Vaccination Call Centre at 888-ONE-LOVE.

The ministry is also reminding persons to take along a government-issued identification or letter from a Justice of the Peace.