Tauna Thomas reports.

Some 100 members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force are facing challenges to cover their legal fees.

The members are before the courts for offences committed in the line of duty.

The issue of members struggling to pay their legal fees is again in the spotlight following a subpoena that was issued for Police Federation Chairman, Sergeant Patrae Rowe.

Rowe is to appear before the courts tomorrow to answer questions in relation to three police personnel whose legal fees are outstanding.

The issue of their fees was raised by the lawyers representing the three policemen who’ve been before the courts for about seven years.

Sergeant Rowe says the lawyers in the matter have not been receiving legal fees for the case which started in 2014.

According to the Police Federation Chairman, the legal fees of the three policemen amount to some 10-million dollars.

But, Sergeant Rowe, while speaking on Cliff Hughes Online today, underscored the longstanding financial issue that has plagued members of the Constabulary who’re before the Courts.

He emphasized that Police personnel are not supported, not even partially by government in footing their legal bill.

Suffering which he says is compounded by certain setbacks such as a salary cut.

Sergeant Rowe says police personnel having to host cake sales to pay their legal fees is embarrassing.

Without the benefit of the Federation’s latest audit, Sergeant Rowe says some 100 police personnel are facing legal fee woes today.

In the meantime Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang says there is an arrangement with the Police Federation for them to pay the legal fees and they are reimbursed by the Ministry:

Dr. Chang noted that the budget had to be adjusted to factor in Covid-19 expenses:

The Security Minister highlighted that there are ongoing discussions about the amount owed to legal representatives:

Dr. Horace Chang, Minster of National Security