Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says far too often dons in communities are empowered by those around them including Justices of the Peace, JPs.

Minister Chuck was speaking on the weekend at the swearing in ceremony for new Justices of the Peace.

He says as Prime Minister Andrew Holness has warned the police to disassociate themselves from Dons so too should all other Jamaicans.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, is warning new JPs to distance themselves from criminals. He says JPs should work to root out the influence of dons in their communities.

Minister Chuck says it’s time for well-meaning Jamaicans to sideline criminals and stop providing them with help and cover. He says if this is done Jamaica can neutralize criminality.

The Justice Minister charged that many supposedly innocent Jamaicans are colluding with criminal elements.

Mr. Chuck says, rightfully, Jamaicans often call on the government and police to tackle crime.

However, he says every Jamaican should make stamping out criminality their business.