Neika Lewis reports.

Nationwide News understands that 2 prominent party promoters and the son of a former PNP Councilor are among seven people in Police custody this afternoon in connection with what’s believed to be a major international drug smuggling syndicate.

The arrests took place in multiple raids during an operation carried out by Jamaican and US law enforcement personnel in Montego Bay, St. James over the last 36 hours.

The operation is connected to the recent arrest of three members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the United States.

Sections of St. James were abuzz yesterday when law enforcement personnel from Jamaica and the US swooped down on several communities in the parish during an operation lasting approximately 12-hours.

The operation is sending ripples among the criminal underworld in the western parish.

Our news centre understands that the operation is in pursuit of a transnational drug smuggling ring.

Jamaican associates of the ring are believed to operate under the moniker O-five.

The ring operates out of Montego Bay and involves the shipment of cocaine to the United States and the United Kingdom.

Seven Jamaican men have been arrested in connection with the drug smuggling ring.

Among the 7 are two well known St. James-based party promoters.

One of the party promoters is a former employee of Tax Administration Jamaica, TAJ.

The son of a former St. James PNP Councilor is among the seven taken into custody.

Nationwide News understands that the JCF’s Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch, C-TOC, led the operation.

Law enforcement personnel from the US Homeland Security Department and the Jamaica Defence Force also provided support.

The men arrested are facing the possibility of extradition to the United States.

A statement this afternoon from the JCF’s official communication arm confirmed the arrests of the seven men.

The JCF also confirmed that some of the men detained are believed to be connected to the three Jamaican Police who were arrested in the United States last week after they were reportedly held smuggling a quantity of cocaine.

According to the JCF, among the seven detainees are individuals suspected to be significant players in a major transnational drug trafficking syndicate.

The JCF says the operation in which the men were arrested began about 3:00 yesterday morning.

The raids were conducted in Rhyne Park, West Gate, Granville, Mount Salem, Catherine Mount and Flanker in St. James.

The JCF says the detainees are believed to be behind the illegal export of large quantities of dangerous drugs to the United States, elsewhere in North America and Europe.

According to the Police, a large cache of electronic devices, more than 1 million dollars cash in both foreign and local currency and a BMW X-6 motor car were seized during the operation.

A licensed firearm was also confiscated from one of the suspects in connection with the investigations which the Police say are ongoing.