Criminals are raking in anywhere near $10-million each week from extortion rackets in Spanish Town, St.Catherine.

That’s according to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Derrick Knight.

ACP Knight made the disclosure last Friday as he outlined the reasons for the in-fighting in the Spanish Town-based Klansman Gang.

The gang is now split into two factions.

ACP Knight says despite the efforts of various stakeholders, they’ve failed to dismantle the Klansman and ‘One Order’ Gangs.

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The ‘Klansman’ and ‘One Order’ gangs are the two main gangs operating in Spanish Town.

ACP Knight says both have now spread across most communities in Spanish Town.

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Meanwhile, ACP Knight says the police have a ‘major challenge’ dealing with criminals in Spanish Town who sometimes dress in khaki uniforms.

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ACP Knight is the Commanding Officer for the Police Area Five Division — which includes St. Catherine North and South.

Last week, voice notes were being circulated on social media, warning of the likelihood of war in areas of Spanish Town soon.

They also warn that persons should avoid the area.

However, the police have urged residents to remain calm, adding that they’ll maintain a strong presence in troubled areas of the Old Capital.