President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, JTA, Owen Speid, says the Education Ministry should end the the practice of sending teachers to the National College for Educational Leadership, NCEL, before allowing them to apply for the post of principal.

NCEL was established to specifically prepare and develop teachers for the job of principals of schools.

That was born out of the realization that a very good teacher would not necessarily make an effective principal, who must be a leader, organizer, manager and motivator of people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Speid is again reiterating calls for the Holness- administration to appoint a full Education Minister.

Since the sacking of former Education Minister, Ruel Reid, in March this year, Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, Karl Samuda, has been acting in the role Minister of Education.

He says this encourages instability.

Owen Speid, JTA President, in a recent interview.

Mr. Speid also says the infrastructure in a number of schools is inadequate and contributes to the inefficiency of teaching and learning.