Deputy Commissioner of Police in Charge of Strategic Operations, DCP Clifford Blake says the police were challenged in verifying essential workers navigating in the space.

Residents of Portmore, St Catherine last night took to social media to lament the exodus in the space with some residents allegedly attempting to flee the lock down. 

DCP Blake says despite general good behavior on the part of Portmore residents today, he anticipated greater levels of compliance. 

He also says numerous people were ordered to return home having failed to prove they are essential workers.

He notes that while persons lying to the police can be charged in most instances they were simply ordered to return home. 

The DCP is urging companies encouraging employees to breach to desist from doing so. 

Meanwhile, DCP Blake notes that the police had challenges today in providing sufficient boots in sections of St Catherine now under lock down. 

DCP Clifford Blake, Officer in charge of Strategic Operations in the Constabulary, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News. 

He notes that come tomorrow the police will be in a better position to man the check points and carry out their duties effectively in the space.