A St. Elizabeth woman is now in hospital after experiencing a near-fatal attack while at a well-known supermarket in the parish last evening.

According to the Police, a woman and her three children were at a supermarket last evening in the town of Santa Cruz.

Reports say her three teenagers, two boys and a girl had gone into the store to buy groceries while she waited for them in her car.

Nationwide News understands that the three teenagers returned with bags of items which they placed in the vehicle then went back into the supermarket.

While in the store, their mother was attacked by men said to have arrived on the premises in a probox motorcar sometime after 6 o clock.

Nationwide understands that when the children returned to the vehicle, their mother was missing.

It’s understood they saw blood on the front seats and the windshield.

The woman was reportedly abducted and her throat slashed.

She was also reportedly thrown out of the vehicle on a main road heading to Lacovia and left for dead.

The Lacovia Police were reportedly alerted to the woman on the road and she was taken to the hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

Her condition is not known at this time.

Investigations have begun to establish a motive for the incident.

None of her personal items were reportedly taken.