Custos of St. James, Bishop Conrad Pitkin, says a truth and reconciliation commission might be needed to move Jamaica forward.

The Bishop delivered the keynote address at this morning’s National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, under the theme, ‘Pursuing the Power of Peace’.

The Custos says the nation needs to address the deep undercurrent of aggression which runs through the Jamaican society.

Bishop Pitkin says the problems plaguing society cannot be limited to any single segment of the country.

He’s calling for a buy-in from Jamaicans from all walks of life to bring about transformation.

Bishop Pitkin says Jamaica must become a nation where truth telling becomes the norm.

He says it may be time to again consider a truth and reconciliation commission.

The Custos also addressed three recent murders resulting from domestic disputes.

The most recent was a murder/suicide in which a member of the JDF brutally chopped and shot his common law wife before turning the gun on himself.

This, he says shows the church needs to do more than preaching.