Nationwide News understands that the St. James parish council is facing major financial challenges following its move to make payment in excess of $2-million to avoid the disconnection of its electricity supply.

Our sources say the Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, has been in dialogue with the parish council regarding the arrears.

It’s understood that a team from the JPS turned up at the parish council on Friday to disconnect the electricity supply of the Government institution.

Our sources at the JPS and the parish council say a $2.3 million was made on spot via cheque to avert the disconnection.

It’s understood that funds reserved for the payment of travelling allowances and end of contract gratuity payments was used to avert the disconnection.

But speaking to our news center on Sunday, Mayor of Montego Bay and Chairman of the St. James Parish Council, Glendon Harris say he cannot confirm the development.

Glendon Harris, Mayor of Montego Bay and Chairman of the Clarendon parish council speaking with Nationwide News on Sunday.

Our sources say the Montego Bay Convention centre was also disconnected on Friday in relation to $30-million in outstanding payments to the JPS.

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