The Head of the Peace Management Initiative, PMI, Horace Levy, is urging National Security Minister, Robert Montague, not to allow easier access to firearms licenses.

He was responding to a report in the Observer which says the Minister is of the view that all Jamaicans should be given a fair opportunity to apply for a firearm license.

Minister Montague says every attempt will be made to have individuals who’ve been through the proper vetting process for a firearm license not be impeded by government bureaucracy.

He says after a comprehensive vetting process is complete, fairness will determine who gets a license.

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Minister Montague also noted that criminals must have second thoughts before they attack any citizen.

But Head of the PMI Horace Levy says he has concerns about Minister Montague’s comments.

Mr. Levy says it’s far more important to invest in criminal justice and social interventions than arming citizens.

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Mr. Levy says placing more guns in the hands of Jamaicans might actually put them at risk.

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