Photo by: BBC News

Germany’s transport network is at a near standstill as two of the country’s largest unions strike.

Staff at airports, ports, railways, buses and subways walked out shortly after midnight for a 24-hour stoppage.

Unions are demanding higher wages to help their members cope with the rising cost of living crisis across the country.

There have been multiple smaller walkouts by other public service sectors, but Monday’s is expected to be the largest in the country in decades.

Commuter and regional trains operated by Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national rail operator, have been affected.

Local transport services, including trams and buses, are also not in operation in seven states.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled, including at two of the country’s biggest airports – Munich and Frankfurt.

Multiple departures from Munich Airport were also disrupted on Sunday by strike action.

Germany’s airport association said about 380,000 air travellers would be affected by the strike but added it was “beyond any imaginable and justifiable measure”.