One of the co-founders of the so-called ‘Tambourine Army’, Nadeen Spence, has charged that Jamaica’s court system is ‘not supportive’ of victims of sexual abuse.

Ms. Spence – who’s a known public commentator and advocate – made the assertion as she addressed hundreds of people who marched on Saturday, in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew to protest gender-based violence.

In making her claim, she noted the low conviction rate of persons accused of sexually abusing children.

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The ‘Tambourine Army’ was formed earlier this year amid the child sex abuse scandal that’s rocked the Church community in Jamaica, and particular, the Moravian Church.

Three senior ministers of the Moravian Church – including its former President and Vice President – are before the court on charges of carnal abuse.

The movement encourages women and girls speak out about their experiences, and name and shame their abusers.

It created the hashtag #SayTheirNames, using Facebook as its main platform to expose alleged abusers.

Ms. Spence says the ‘Tambourine Army’ has created a 20-point plan as it continues its campaign against gender-based violence.

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On Saturday, the Tambourine Army and its supporters marched from the Covenant Moravian Church, at 127 Molynes Road to the clock in Half Way Tree.

The Covenant Moravian Church was headed by Jermaine Gibson, former Vice President of the Moravian Church in Jamaica, who’s charged with carnal abuse and indecent assault.

Many prominent women — including politicians, academics and activists — were a part of the march.

They included Professor Verene Shepherd, Terry Karrelle Reid, Imani Duncan Price, Judith Wedderburn, and Dr. Angela Brown Burke.

The police estimate that approximately 700 people attended the march.

Meanwhile, well-known entertainer, Tanya Stephens, shared her experience of being sexually abused.

She says she was first sexually abused at 17-years-old.

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She says the second time she was raped, it completely killed her self-esteem.

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