Neika Lewis reports.

US Ambassador to Jamaica, Donald Tapia, is rejecting as false a suggestion that there’s been a weakening in the security co- operation between the governments of Jamaica and the United States.

Ambassador Tapia says there are those who may not welcome the strong relationship between Jamaica and the US.

But he says the relationship remains strong.

The comments from the US Ambassador follow a report and editorial in the Gleaner newspaper which suggested that there’s been a deterioration in the security relationship between Jamaica and the US.

Ambassador Tapia says there are interests who appear to be attempting to use false quotes and narratives to dismantle the strong relationship between both Kingston and Washington.

But the US Ambassador says as President Donald Trump’s representative in Jamaica, he shares the President’s desire to continue longstanding bilateral cooperation with Jamaica.

Ambassador Tapia says the United States is committed to supporting Jamaica’s role as a regional leader.

He says, as Ambassador, his commitment is to work with the Jamaican Government to expand joint partnership in the area of security.

Ambassador Tapia made the comments in two tweets today.

The remarks from the most senior US Government official in Jamaica about false quotes come just days after a Sunday Gleaner report.

The report quoted a source who was described as a US Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, official.

According to the Sunday Gleaner article, the alleged DEA source said the security cooperation between Jamaica and the US had collapsed since 2016.

The source was also quoted as alleging that as of Friday last week no security cooperation agreement between Jamaica and the US was in place.

But, National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, told the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon that a new security cooperation agreement had been signed by Jamaica and the US a few days earlier.

Minister Chang also rejected a claim which was printed in the Sunday Gleaner and repeated in the newspaper’s editorial today that a secret security pact is in existence between Jamaica and Israel.

The Security Minister also dismissed as untrue an allegation made in the newspaper that there has been no cyber security cooperation between Jamaica and the US since 2016.

Minister Finds Editorial ‘Strange’


In the meantime, Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith, says she finds strange the Gleaner editorial today which alleged that there’s a security pact between Jamaica and Israel.

Minister Johnson Smith is also welcoming Ambassador Tapia’s affirmation that the relationship between Jamaica and the US remains strong.

Minister Johnson Smith says she agrees with Ambassador Tapia that the security cooperation between Jamaica and the US continues to be strong