A taxi driver and his passengers chased and forced a would be abductor of a thirteen year old girl yesterday to release her off Mountain View Avenue in St. Andrew.

They told our news centre the child was standing at a bus stop on Mountain View Avenue when a man driving a Toyota Probox motorcar, bearing a taxi license plate, approached and dragged her into his vehicle.

According to one of the eye witnesses, on seeing this, he engaged the driver of the Probox in a high speed chase.

He says the child was eventually released on Tucker Avenue and the driver sped off.

The Police have confirmed the incident.

Stevian Sappleton reports.

The man says he was driving on Mountain View Avenue when he noticed something strange about the activities taking place in the Probox.

To protect his identity, we’ll call him Melvin.

He says the man who was the only occupant of the Probox, forced the child into the vehicle.

Melvin says he drove down the Toyota Probox as it made several turns at high speed.

He says when the car turned onto Tucker Avenue, he noticed the driver pushing the child from the vehicle, before speeding away.

But not before the rescuers recorded his license plate number.

Melvin says he then took the child to the Stadium Police Station.

He explained why he dared to try and rescue the child.