Education Minister Fayval Williams confirmed her Ministry has received the resignations of 167 teachers since the start of summer.

She made the disclosure in a media briefing this morning.

Mrs. Williams called the briefing to update the nation on what was being described as a looming teacher shortage ahead of the new school year.

Estimates had put the expected exodus of local teachers as high as 400.

Minister Williams is looking to teachers colleges to fill the shortages.

The Education Ministry is anticipating that more than 900 new specialist  teachers will be available to join the education sector in the upcoming academic year.

Minister Williams says the new cohort of teachers are trained in several specialist areas, including the STEM subjects.

Fayval Williams.

The Education Minister is encouraging school administrators to make contact with teacher training institutions to capitalise on the expected outturn of new educators.

Meanwhile, education stakeholders are appealing for calm amidst mounting concerns regarding the number of teachers migrating ahead of the new school year.

There have been increasing reports of a mass exodus of teachers from the education system, with many school administrators expressing fears they will not have the necessary staff complement in critical areas such as Mathematics and the Sciences.

Estimates indicate that as much as 400 teachers may leave the classroom before the start of term on September 5.

But President of the Jamaica Teachers Association, Winston Smith, is appealing to parents to remain calm as educators work through the challenges.

Acting Chief Education Officer, Dr. Kassan Troupe agrees. 

She says the challenge being faced by the Education Ministry is not unique to Jamaica. 

Dr. Troupe told our news centre the Ministry is doing all it can to prepare for a smooth start to the new school year. 

Dr. Kassan Troupe.

The Acting Chief Education Officer says the migration challenge is compounded by the reality that teachers often do not indicate they intend to resign their jobs until the very end of the month.