Tension is high this afternoon in Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston following the controversial police shooting of a 19-year old man in the community this morning.

He’s been identified is Tevin Gordon.

Gordon’s killing led to angry residents burning debris in Tivoli Gardens and a fierce exchange of gunfire between the police and gunmen.

Tevin Gordon was cut down this morning in a small two bedroom apartment in an area of Tivoli known as Golden Heights off Bustamante Highway.

When our news center arrived on the scene, a trail of blood could be seen leading from the front door to the tiny room where Gordon was shot.

The police say Gordon was killed in an operation and 9-mili-meter pistol was taken from him. But Tevin’s Aunt who identified herself as Natalie, says he was cut down in his bed in cold blood.

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Natalie says her nephew was killed shortly after she was about to question whether the Police were conducting a genuine operation.

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Residents angered at the killing burnt debris in Tivoli Gardens, on Bustamante Highway and Spanish Town Road.

The Denham Town Police station was fired on by gunmen. One man appealed for calm as gunmen and the Police traded bullets.

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Councilor for the Tivoli Gardens Division, Donovan Samuels, who was on the scene condemned the violence. But Councilor Samuels accused the Police of instigating the violence.

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A photograph of a man armed with a rifle emerged this afternoon on social media. From the images it could not be ascertained who he was firing at. But the Police say they came under gunfire at their Tivoli police post.

In the meantime, the Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams has assigned popular Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, to Tivoli Gardens.

SSP McGregor was dispatched to the community to assist current Division head Superintendent Howard Chambers.

McGregor left the West Kingston Division last year to head the St. James police. He was then relocated to the Police Commissioners Officer earlier this year

The Senior Superintendent was given a heroes welcome by residents when he entered West Kingston. He promised MP for the Area,Desmond McKenzie, that a comprehensive investigation will be carried out.

McKenzie and McGregor listened as residents complained of abuse by the Police.

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An angry McKenzie, told SSP McGregor that the conduct of the Police was wanting.

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The Senior Superintendent promised the West Kingston MP that a full investigation will be carried out and chips will fall where they may.

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Residents expressed their displeasure when SSP McGregor repeated the account by the Police about the alleged circumstances in which Tevin Gordon lost his life.

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