Brithney Clarke reports

There are mounting fears this evening from hundreds of Jamaican students studying at colleges and universities in the United States of America.

The new immigration policy announced yesterday by the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement, ICE, may see the students being forced to return home.

At least 2-thousand Jamaicans under the F-1 Student Visa programme could face deportation if their institutions opt to go completely online for the 2020 Fall Semester.

At least two International students have shared their concerns surrounding the new policy and its implications.

Due to COVID-19, many universities have shifted towards remote learning.

International media reports that at least 23 percent of US colleges plan to offer a hybrid model, while 8 percent are planning for an online-only semester.

But, with the new ICE policy, International students enrolled in Universities with 100 per cent online courses next semester, could face deportation.

Ashley from Eastern Michigan University says the new policy has created fear, confusion and uncertainty among her peers.

Ashley is also raising concerns about the future for student athletes.

Shelly from Howard University also shared her concerns about her friends who may be unable to return home.

Brithney Clarke for Nationwide News