Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Fayval Williams, says businesses must be more flexible and adaptable to change, in order to stay relevant.

Addressing petroleum dealers at the Total Dealers’ Convention 2019 in Trelawny recently, Minister Williams says companies should also see themselves as “living breathing systems” that adjust and are able to evolve with the unpredictable and rapidly changing times.

She says agile companies are always customer focused, open, inclusive and not afraid to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity.

The Minister also sought to encourage the dealers to embrace ambiguity in all of their business practices while urging them to look as far ahead as possible and push for change,to remain relevant.

Meantime she says she’s very happy with the state of the petroleum sector, and that the Convention “shows the seriousness that is placed on what is a very important industry for the consumers”.

Minister Williams says she’d give the petroleum industry a high grade lauding the institutions that manage or interact with the industry, as having a very good standards-setting body while being a major purchaser of the fuel.

The Minister says great care has been taken to maintain the standards, citing the petroleum industry’s high level of safety and the regulations in place for the entities that haul the product to where it gets to the consumer.

The Convention was held under the theme ‘Winning together; Safety for All’.