A number of trade unions that represent public sector workers are rejecting a claim by the Economic Growth Council Chairman that politically-motivated sabotage is stifling the country’s growth agenda.

Speaking at the EGC’s 9th quarterly report media briefing at Jamaica House, on Wednesday, Mr. Lee-Chin said it’s his information that some civil servants are putting political allegiance above patriotism.

President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, JCSA, O’Neil Grant, says Mr. Lee-Chin’s comments are nonsensical and insulting.

He says even though there’s renewed focus on the public sector, it’s still suffering from decades of under-investment.

According to Mr. Grant, calls by Mr. Lee-Chin for Permanent Secretaries to be sacked, demonstrates his ignorance.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers, JALGO, Helene Davis Whyte, is describing Mr. Lee-Chin’s comments as a wild claim.

She says the EGC has failed to deliver on it’s five percent economic growth in four years, which prompts questions over his performance as chairman of the council.

Helene Davis White, General Secretary of the JALGO.

Both were speaking during yesterday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.