The Cannabis Licensing Authority, CLA has approved two licenses for ganja cultivation and processing.

The revelation was made by Industry, Commerce and Agriculture Minister, Karl Samuda in his contribution to the sectoral debate in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

A statement from the Ministry says the CLA, granted the approval of Tier 1 Cultivator and Tier 1 Processor licenses, last week.

It says the Commerce Ministry and the CLA are obligated to ensure the highest level of due diligence is adhered to in the licensing process.

The Tier 1 Cultivator Licenses are for farms up to one acre.

The Tier 1 Processor licenses are for medical, therapeutic and scientific purposes, including manufacturing ganja-based products.

Both licenses represent the smallest scale of operation permitted in the legal framework.

Samuda says up to this May, the CLA had eighty-six applicants for licenses.

He says twenty-six Conditional Approval letters have also been issued.

Conditional Approval allows applicants to make any infrastructural or other upgrades required for licenses to be granted.

Weeks ago Science and Technology Minister, Andrew Wheatley, lamented that Jamaica was wasting time in developing a medical marijuana industry.

His comment was amid growing concerns about the pace of the development in that area.