Two more men have been taken into custody in St. James today in connection with what’s suspected to be a major international drug smuggling racket.

It’s understood the two men who were arrested today by the Police, work at a stationary store in the parish.

The men were arrested in Catherine Mount, St. James.

One is 53 years old and the other 31. Both are related.

Last week, seven men, including two party promoters and the son of a former PNP councillor in St. James, were arrested in connection with the investigation into the drug syndicate.

Both Jamaican and US law enforcement personnel participated in the operations last week.

The operations are connected to the recent arrest of three members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the United States.

The Police personnel were arrested after cocaine was found in binders they were carrying.

It’s believed the Police were employees of a transatlantic drug smuggling ring with operatives in Jamaica.

Jamaican associates of the ring are believed to operate under the moniker O-five. (the letter O)

The ring operates out of Montego Bay and involves the shipment of cocaine to the United States and the United Kingdom.

Some of the 9-men detained are facing extradition to the United States.