Two reputed high-ranking members of the notorious Spanish Town-based, One Order Gang, are reportedly among three people shot and killed this afternoon in the old capital.

They were killed during sustained shooting in the busy market district and bus park of Spanish Town.

There are also unconfirmed reports that several others have been injured in the gunfire. Commuters and motorists had to flee as the gun battles raged.

The identities of the slain men are currently being withheld by the police.

Reports are armed men engaged in a confrontation in the vicinity of the Spanish Town bus park where two were shot and killed.

Nationwide News understands that as the armed criminals were making their escape, they were confronted by the police and a shoot-out ensued.

Reports are the third man was shot and injured during the exchange with the police. He later died.

The police say a pistol was seized during the incident.

Police sources have told Nationwide News that the old capital is seeing an upsurge in violent gang conflicts. One Police source told us that tonight could be dreadful as the criminals may attempt to use the cover of darkness to continue to go after each other.

Spanish Town has been tense in recent weeks following several killings linked to an ongoing intra-gang war between One Order gangsters.

It’s understood that a recent quadruple killing in Railway Lane is linked to the intra-gang feuding.

The St Catherine North Police have increased their presence in the Spanish Town in recent weeks.

During a recent visit Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, assured residents the constabulary will be going after the main violence producers in the area.

Meanwhile, the St Catherine North Police, are investigating three separate murders discovered in two separate incidents in the division, today.

In the latest incident, Detectives in Spanish Town, St. Catherine are probing the murder of two unidentified men, whose bodies were found in McCooks Pen this morning.

Reports are that about 6:00 a.m., the police were summoned after explosions were heard.

On arrival of the police say the two bodies were seen along a dirt track which runs through a construction site.

The bodies reportedly had gunshot wounds.

About three hours early the police were summoned to the home of a member of the Jamaica Defence Force Reserve.

The lifeless body of 26-year-old Kemar Dennis was as discovered in Zambia in Central Village.

The police say they were summoned after residents heard explosions.

They say on arrival, Dennis was seen lying in his yard with gunshot wounds.