Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, has freed a seventh alleged member of the so-called Uchence Wilson gang.

Tashena Baker has been freed of being part of a criminal organisation and knowingly obtaining a benefit from a criminal organisation.

She’s said to be the girlfriend of the alleged second in command of the gang, Fitzroy Scott.

Chief Justice Sykes says upon review, he’s found no evidence linking her to the charges she faced in court.

Junior Rose, Tevin Khani, Shadae Beckford, Judith Johnson, Cornel White and Constable Stephan Martin have all been freed.

Constable Martin is currently before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court answering to charges of receiving stolen property.

Meanwhile, alleged second in command of the gang, Fitzroy Scott, concluded his evidence this morning.

He acknowledged that he rented motor vehicles, but he denies they were for committing crimes.

He also denies giving instructions to alleged gang members and says he was never a spotter.

Reputed leader, Uchence Wilson, is back in the witness box.

His evidence was delayed yesterday so audio evidence could be played in court.