Seven of the 18 people on trial for being member of the so-called Uchence Wilson Gang, have denied the charges in the Supreme Court.

Six of the men have pleaded innocent from the witness box.

Alleged gangster Michael Lamont gave an unsworn statement from the dock.

The reputed gang leader, Uchence Wilson, and his alleged second in command, Fitzroy Scott, were the first to plead their innocence.

Machel Goldburn, Stevenson Bennett, Deron Taylor and Keron Walters have all denied being member of the gang.

In an unsworn statement, Lamont says the state’s witnesses are lying to save themselves.

The witnesses say they were members of the gang.

Meanwhile, in his sworn evidence, Stevenson Bennett, told the court he was beaten and tased by policemen.

He says the police also threatened his children to force him to take the lawmen to the house of Uchence Wilson.

Bennett says he took the lawmen to Wilson’s house under duress.

He says he was handcuffed in the passenger seat when they shot at Wilson.

Wilson detailed this incident in his evidence.

He says he couldn’t have been at the scene of at least one robbery he’s alleged to have committed because he was nursing gun shot wounds from this incident on the same day.

Under cross examination from the prosecution, Bennett denied ever owning or operating a gun.

When asked if he knew what a ‘matic was, Bennett replied: ‘the only ‘matic I know is my car.’

The term ‘matic is a slang for an automatic gun as well as a motor vehicle.

When the trial resumes on Thursday, the court is expected to hear from the first witness called in defense of the co-accused, Michael Lamont.

The witness will give character evidence on behalf of Lamont.