The Uchence Wilson gang trial has been adjourned until July 1.

The Prosecution ended its case today without calling its 33rd witness from the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA.

They’re now expected to provide an outline of it case to the Court by June 14.

The outline is expected to guide Presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes and the defence in relation to the nature of the Prosecution’s evidence against the defendants.

On Tuesday the Prosecution was given until yesterday to provide the outline after Justice Sykes expressed that it was difficult to understand the high volumes of evidence presented in the matter.

The Prosecution has relied on several types of evidence to include information from the witnesses, pictorial and audio evidence as well as digital data.

The Prosecution however had asked for more time and has been given until June 14 to submit the outline showing how the evidence from each witness is assisting them in proving the accused members committed certain offences.

The trial will resume on July 1, two weeks after the submission of the outline.

The matter will then go on until July 31 when the term ends.

The defence is expected to start making it submissions during July with the anticipation of no case submissions.

Following the July period, the matter will break again until September 23 and continue to the end of October.

Justice Sykes expects that all the evidence will be heard during those periods.

The Uchence Wilson gang trial began on March 5 in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

There’re 24 defendants on trial for breaches against the anti-gang legislation.

The Prosecution has marshaled evidence that the gang was well organised, with many defendants who had roles and functions carrying out numerous robberies and other offences across the country.