Evidence about the dramatic escape attempt by one of the accused members of the Uchence Wilson gang in 2017 at the Bog Walk Police station in St. Catherine elicited laughter from those who were seated in the trial yesterday.

It was revealed during the proceedings in the Home Circuit Court, that Lanworth Geohagen otherwise called ‘Zeeks’ tried to escape the Police by jumping into a gully but was eventually caught.

The Prosecution’s witness also recounted to the Court that he was directed by one of the accused members, Odeen Smith otherwise called ‘Brinks’ to a location in Clarendon where a rusty shot gun was left for him to retrieve on November 3, 2017.

The Police witness also testified that Wilson informed on his co- accused Stephenson Bennett, telling them he was the one with all the guns.

Neika Lewis reports.

The Court heard evidence that  at about 1 am on December 2, 2017, the Police witness acting on information went to the Bog Walk Police station.

He says he saw Zeeks when he got there.

He says after identifying himself, he told Zeeks he was a suspect in a gang investigation.

The Police witness says after the accused was cautioned, he was searched.

They then went outside with another member of the Constabulary to Zeeks’s car.

The witness says he glanced at the accused man’s car that he had intended to search.

However, he says by the time he turned back in the direction where Zeeks was standing, the accused had taken off running.

He says Zeeks was across the street running ‘bird speed.’

The Police witness says they chased Zeeks, who had by this time jumped a gully and was making his way across a river.

However, the accused could not evade the lawmen and was eventually caught and taken back to the Police station, and then to the headquarters of the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch, C-TOC.

Meanwhile, a month earlier in Clarendon, the same witness allegedly retrieved a rusty beretta A-400 Xplor Action 12 gauge shot gun made in Italy that was left at a particular location by accused member Brinks.

The rusty brown and gold weapon was retrieved in Crofts Hill only hours after “Brinks” had initially denied knowledge about the storage of any firearms.

During Monday’s proceeding, it was revealed by the witness that their initial operation earlier on November 3, 2017 to have Brinks lead them to the illegal weapons was futile.

But later that day, the witness says Brinks contacted him and provided a location where the shot gun would be left.

The weapon which was secured in a long white box was shown to the court yesterday.

Presiding Judge Chief Justice Bryan Skyes examined the high powered weapon using surgical gloves before handing it back to the witness.

The witness says the weapon had been submitted to the Government’s Forensic Lab.

In the meantime… it was also revealed that after being nabbed, reputed gang leader Uchence Wilson, informed on his accused member Bennett otherwise called Slim.

The Police witness says Wilson told him he had no guns.

According to the witness, he asked Wilson where were the guns used in their activities.

But he says Wilson said Slim had the guns and he had none.

The witness says Wilson even pleaded with with the Police and assured him he was willing to change his life and become a Christian.

During the witness’ testimony Slim and Wilson who were sitting only an arm’s length apart did not look at each other.