A Police witness in the Uchence Wilson gang trial today says persons in the group who were caught during several months of operations in 2017 rendered assistance to them in locating other members.

The Policeman says at least one of the members also directed them to a house where he said the gang’s leader Wilson would be located.

A covert operation had been planned by the team of Policemen to nab Wilson.

Tauna Thomas reports.

The witness say during an operation on August 9, 2017 accused gang member Stephenson Bennett was arrested by a number of his colleagues.

Bennett had been held after making attempts to escape through a cane field.

The witness says he was subsequently called to travel to the location.

He told the court that upon his arrival, Bennett was seen sitting in the back of an unmarked service vehicle.

The witness says while they were at the scene in St. Catherine, Bennett received a phone call from gang leader Uchence Wilson.

The witness says while Bennett was on the phone he told Wilson ‘mi su come, just get a likkle hol up.’

The Police witness says Bennett then informed them, they had a robbery planned for later that day.

Upon hearing this the witness says he and his colleagues devised a plan to apprehend Wilson and any other member who was expected to be on this robbery.

The witness and two other Policemen then decided to travel in Bennett’s gold coloured Nissan Sunny vehicle to the location where he’d be meeting up with his other cronies.

He says Bennett told them he could direct them to where Wilson was living in an area called Redwood.

The witness says on route Bennett kept getting calls from Wilson.

The court heard today that Bennett directed the policemen to a house that was below road level in the Redwood area.

However due to an early adjournment of today’s proceedings it’s not yet known if Wilson or any of his other members were found and apprehended on that day.

Meanwhile, two months earlier in June another member was held in an early morning operation.

He’s Donovan Cole.

The witness says on June 27 about 5:30 am, a team of Policemen went to a home in St. Catherine.

He says after knocking at the door, a woman who he described as boisterous hurling several expletives gave them access to the house.

He says a search warrant was executed.

The witness says while walking down the passage of the house, a man was seen at the doorway of a bedroom.

He says the man at the door was Cole.

The Policeman says he told Cole he and his team were there to take him into custody.

The witness says Cole was subsequently taken to the Counter Terrorism and Organised Investigation Branch, C-TOC.

While being interviewed he says Cole said he’d provide them with information about the whereabouts of another gang member, Machel Goulbourne in exchange for his release.

The witness says Cole did provide them with information and was later released.

Other operations in May also led to the arrests of two other members.

On May 14 at about 11:00 in the morning during a special operation in the Bull Bay area of St. Andrew, Derron Taylor was held.

Two days earlier on May 12 at about 1:00 in the afternoon, a team of Police personnel held the gang’s second in command Fitzroy Scott at a bank in the corporate area.

The Police witness says Scott was arrested that day and taken to C-TOC headquarters.

The witness says Scott was taken into custody on reasonable suspicion of robbery and rape.