As the Prosecution continues to lead evidence in the Uchence Wilson gang trial, two more witnesses yesterday detailed a frightening early morning invasion at their home in St. Ann.

In the earlier stages of the trial, two former accomplices of the gang detailed several robberies and home invasions by alleged members of the Uchence Wilson Gang.

Now, victims are being called to the witness box to give evidence of their ordeals.

Tauna Thomas reports.

A couple gave evidence yesterday in the Home Circuit Court.

The first witness, a woman who was visibly nervous tried not to look in the dock where at least 17 of the accused gang members were seated.

On April 25, 2017, the female witness says she and her husband were roused from their sleep by men who kicked open the door to their bedroom.

She says the first man who entered was armed with a gun.

Another had a knife in his hand.

She says a third man entered the room for a short period of time then left.

The woman says she was in the room with her husband and two of her children.

She says the armed man pointed the gun at them and demanded money.

She says her husband initially denied having any cash.

However, the witness says after coercion from the two men her husband told them the money was in his pants pocket in their bathroom.

The witness says the money her husband had was given to the man who was holding the gun.

She told the court that inquiries were then made about whether they owned a firearm.

The men also asked about the key to their vehicle.

The witness told the court that they denied owning a firearm but handed over the keys to her husband’s van.

She says they took the van keys, five cell phones and two video games.

According to the witness, the three accused gang members tied her up along with her other family members and then made their escape in her husband’s van.

During the examination in chief, the witness was asked if she saw their faces.

She says only one of the men wasn’t wearing a mask.

However, during a dock identification, the witness says she did not see the gunman she remembered from the early morning home invasion.

But, she described the man as being short and stout.

She says the other who stayed in the room was tall.

Meanwhile, the witness’ husband in his evidence corroborated the series of events his wife described.

He also identified several health cards for his family that were recovered from the stolen vehicle.

The Prosecution has been leading evidence for some two months.

More than 12 witnesses have been called so far.

The trial will continue this morning at 10am.