The United Nations Security Council has authorized a year long multi-national security mission for Haiti, led by Kenya.

The decision was handed down this afternoon with overwhelming support.

The vote comes as Haiti continues to be rocked with instability fuelled by gang violence and political deadlock.

Chevon Campbell reports.

The fifteen nation UN Security Council voted thirteen in favour of the resolution with two abstentions – China and Russia.

The abstentions suggested that neither country endorsed the resolution but were not going to block its passing.

The resolution authorizes a security mission that would guard critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, schools, hospitals and key traffic intersections.

It’s also expected to carry out targeted operations along with the Haitian National Police.

Kenya which will lead the mission has pledged at least one-thousand security personnel and several other nations are expected to offer other resources.

Jamaica through Prime Minister Andrew Holness was one of the first nations to pledge support for a multi-national force to help its beleaguered CARICOM Neighbour.

It’s unclear when this mission will get underway and to what extent Jamaica’s local forces will take part.

The move is aimed at cracking down on rampant gang violence that has disrupted life for many on the Caribbean island.

Haiti has been in turmoil since the assassination of the president, Jovenel Moise, in 2021.

Along with criminal gangs acting with near impunity Haiti faces a several catastrophes including famine, cholera, fuel shortages and economic collapse.