Unfounded and misplaced!

That’s how attorney at Jamaicans for Justice, John Clarke, is describing Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte’s recent criticism of the courts.

The Supreme Court yesterday declared the continued detention of five men under the States of Public emergency as unconstitutional.

But speaking on Nationwide at 5 last evening, the Attorney General described the ruling as “a worrying trend”.

Kalilah Reynolds has more.

The Attorney General went even further on her official Twitter account, writing, “If ever our Courts of Law cease to be guided by, or apply the law and instead become courts of public opinion, special interest, personal interest or anything less then therein lies the biggest threat to our democracy! – end of quote.

But one of the attorneys who represented the five freed men, John Clarke, says those comments are unfounded and misplaced.

He says Mrs. Malahoo Forte is displaying her own worrying trend of criticizing the courts when decisions don’t go her way.

Clarke says that for a person to be detained at politicians’ will, is not in keeping with a democratic society.

Mrs. Malahoo Forte has also criticized the process of taking the five men before the Supreme Court.

She says the constitutional right to access to the courts is suspended under a State of Public Emergency, and the matter should have been handled by the Review Tribunal.

However, Clarke is rebutting that statement.

Clarke adds that members of the Tribunal do not have security of tenure like judges, which he argues may influence their decision making.
Kalilah Reynolds for Nationwide News.