Countries such as Britain which devised, presided over and profited from the enslavement of people under the system of Transatlantic Chattel Slavery, TCS, will be required to pay US $108 trillion in reparations.

That’s the sum contained in a report launched earlier on Thursday at the Regional Headquarters of the University of the West Indies in St. Andrew.

Shaloy Smikle reports.

The report, prepared by respected Jamaican Judge, Patrick Robinson, is historic.

For the first time, the reparations due to the descendants of the enslaved across the Americas and the Caribbean, has been quantified.

According to the report, Britain owes US $24 trillion to 14 countries that it had colonised. Of that sum, US $9.5 trillion is owed to Jamaica.

Spain has a reparations debt of US $17 trillion. Of that sum, Jamaica is entitled to just over US $1 trillion.

The United States owes US $26 trillion for its participation in Transatlantic Chattel Slavery between 1776 and 1865.

France’s debt has been calculated at US $9 trillion. Portugal’s sum stands at US$ 20 trillion, of which US $4 trillion is owed to Brazil.

The Netherlands owes US $5 trillion, US $3 trillion of which is owed to Suriname, with US $52 billion owed to Guyana.

The historic valuation was done by the Brattle Group, an internationally recognised group of valuators.