The MP elect for Western Portland, the Daryl Vaz is again defending the decision by Prime Minister-elect Andrew Holness, to block outgoing MPs and ministerial staff from buying the vehicles they used during their tenure in Government.

According to Mr. Vaz, outgoing Cabinet members have no grounds for complaint, as Mr. Holness is only following the example of Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips.

Vaz says Dr. Phillips cited the tight fiscal space as the reason behind his decision to prevent parliamentarians from utilizing their motor vehicle duty concession.

Outgoing Justice Minister, Mark Golding has blasted Mr. Holness, saying the incoming Prime Minister’s stance on the sale of the vehicles, smacks of populism and vindictiveness.

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But according to Daryl Vaz, Mark Golding is being hypocritical.

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Mr. Vaz says several members of the outgoing PNP administration did not bother to secure a personal motor vehicle because they never thought they would be voted out of office.

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And Mr. Vaz is also defending Mr. Holness for using Facebook to declare that members of the outgoing PNP administration would not be allowed to buy the vehicles they used during their time in office.

Mr. Holness was taken to task for the move this morning, in the editorial published by the Jamaica Observer newspaper.

The editorial noted that Mr. Holness needs to understand that having not yet taken the oath of office, he is not at this time, the Prime Minister.

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