Jamaica Labour Party Caretaker for North Central Clarendon, Robert Morgan, says he’s written to the Political Ombudsman, regarding utterances from his PNP opponent that he plans to take the election “by force.”

The statement was made by PNP caretaker, Dr. Desmond Brennan, at a spot meeting in the constituency yesterday.

Mr. Morgan says he considers this statement incendiary and a threat to the democratic process.

He says this follows a series of incidents where persons have been defacing JLP paraphernalia in the constituency.

Mr. Morgan says his campaign rejects the PNP candidate’s intention to use “force” to win the election.

He says he will lawfully fight to prevent it.

However, Dr. Brennan says he was simply quoting a popular gospel song.

He says Mr. Morgan is overreacting.

Dr. Desmond Brennan, PNP Caretaker for North Central Clarendon, speaking with Nationwide News.