The PNP is promising to dramatically reduce crime over the next 5 years.

As part of its 2020 Manifesto, the PNP says it will use a combination of Prevention, intervention, suppression and rehabilitation efforts.

The PNP says if it is returned to office it will establish a 24-hour police patrol by tripling the number of functional vehicles available to the police force in the first year through a transparent tendering process.

It’s also promising to establish market and town patrol teams for high activity areas.

It says police presence will be established in bus terminuses to protect patrons and transport providers.

Housing schemes and community patrols will also be established with the expansion of 119 operators to assist with dispatch and follow up.

The PNP is also promising to technologically revamp Jamaica’s crime fighting approach.

It says a PNP administration will equip all government buildings with CCTV that will feed into Jamaica Eye

The Party also says a Jamaica Eye encouragement programme would be developed to incentivize private homes and
businesses to connect to the Jamaica Eye surveillance system.

The PNP says all police stations will be equipped with WIFI for both station and public use to engender public support and efficiencies in communication.

The Manifesto is also promising to bring Jamaica’s gang violence problem under control.

It says the party will use hot-spot policing and other techniques that are intelligence driven to reduce the number of gangs.

The PNP says it would also require police record and background checks on contractors and suppliers receiving government work.

Diversion and Rehabilitation are other area in which the PNP is promising reforms.

It’s promising to implement a well-funded youth diversion programme aimed at immediate interventions for youths that participate in petty crimes.

The Manifesto says massive investments will be made to ensure a separation within the prison system of hardened criminals and persons committing lesser crimes.

The party is also promising to make public the sexual offenders registry and implement a criminal rehabilitation policy.

The PNP is also committing to reviewing and putting policies in place to assess, measure and report statistics and crime plan efforts in the first 30 days.

It says weekly national updates by the JCF will also be made mandatory.