The Government is this afternoon warning that the dire water shortage facing Jamaica and several regional countries is unprecedented and cause for grave concern!

Water and Environment Minister, Robert Pickersgill, says it’s crucial that Jamaicans be sensitized to the full extent of the problem.

And Minister Pickersgill says the situation is going to get worse.

Abka Fitz-Henley has more in this report

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The Water and Environment Minister says it has never been this bad.

But Minister Pickersgill is appealing to the country not to panic despite rising temperatures and polluted under ground water supplies.

Minister Pickersgill was speaking to Nationwide News today at the signing of an agreement between the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica and Jamaica Protected Areas Trust/Forest Conservation Fund.

He says Jamaica’s water supply is facing severe danger.

Minister Pickersgill is expected to update Parliament on the water situation on Tuesday

Earlier this week the National Water Commission reported that two main water storage facilities in the Corporate Area are now below 50-percent at a time when they are usually full.

The NWC says the Mona Reservoir is at 38-percent and Hermitage is at 48-percent.

The Met Service had forecast that Jamaica would experience lower than normal levels of rainfall this year.

But, the Meteorological Director Jeffery Spooner says actual rainfall data is showing that it is running even lower than the forecast — nearly 30 percent lower!

The Met Office says it doesn’t see any significant rainfall in the forecast anytime soon.