We need help!

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Strategic Operations DCP Clifford Blake says the Constabulary is calling for help from other agencies to end the lawlessness on the nation’s roads.

DCP Blake says he’s been patiently awaiting an integrated ticketing system.

He says the current laws do not allow for the permanent removal of public passenger vehicle operators in constant breach of the road code.

Neika Lewis reports. 

DCP Clifford Blake says the police cannot revoke licenses but other related agencies can. 

He says in the early 2000’s they identified serious weaknesses in the Road Traffic Act limiting their reach as law enforcers.

He says he’s unsure if the situation remains the same under the new Road Traffic Act. 

DCP Blake also noted a list of traffic offenders in St Catherine with 200 or more outstanding tickets.

The most notorious being a Lake’s Pen resident with over 1700 outstanding traffic tickets.

The senior officer says despite the need for more boots on the ground, the police are in dire need of help to deal with the indiscipline.

Meanwhile, DCP Blake says his last check revealed only 14 police personnel owned public passenger vehicles.

Stakeholders in the public transport sector have accused the police of being heavily invested in the sector preventing them from effectively enforcing the law.

He says significant numbers of their members have been prosecuted and some dismissed for road breaches.

And DCP Blake also reacted to the viral video of a female passenger panicking during a suspected police chase of the taxi she was in.

He says despite a policeman on a bike in the video he was not convinced it was a police chase. 

DCP Clifford Blake, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Strategic Operations in the Constabulary speaking yesterday on Cliff Hughes Online.