A twelfth witness has told the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry that she lost her son during the joint police/military operation in Tivoli Gardens in May, 2010.

Adaina Derby, an elderly resident of Tivoli Gardens, says she was herself shot by the police.

She says she now suffers from several complications after being shot, and still needs medical care.

The sixth day of proceedings at the enquiry where four more witnesses gave testimony.

Adaina Derby’s testimony was the second of the day, as week two of the Enquiry got underway this morning.

She gave an animated testimony. One which the Chairman of the Commission, Sir David Simmons, described as ‘colourful and attractive’.

She herself was shot, as she ran past a policeman with her son on a cart, trying to get him to hospital.

Ms. Derby says since the incident, she’s had high blood pressure and diabetes.

During her testimony, she paused at times, saying she doesn’t like to remember the events of May, 2010.

She also chided the police and soldier for their conduct during the operation.