A nineteenth witness at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, this afternoon gave graphic accounts of how he saw civilians throwing the bodies of dead people in a truck, during the May, 2010 security forces operation in Tivoli Gardens.

The witness, 65-year-old, John Green,said the security forces killed residents of Tivoli Gardens like ‘cockroaches’ as they hunted for Christopher ‘Dudus Coke’.

Mr. Green this afternoon told the Enquiry that while standing outside his house, talking with law enforcement officers, he saw the bodies of dead people being thrown in a big, white-looking truck.

He says the bodies were packed up like meat.

He lamented that law enforcement officers shouldn’t have invaded Tivoli, causing the standoff that ensued, as they searched for ‘Dudus’.

He says on Monday, May, 24, 2010, he was at home with his woman and his step-son, who was about 19 or 20 years old at the time.

He says two attempts were made by the security forces to have his step-son detained but he resisted.

He said, on one occasion, he explained to a soldier why he resisted his step-son being taken away.

Mr. Green also testified that dozens of gunshots were fired into his house. He says he counted about 25 bullet holes on the building.

He says he’d also seen two helicopters hovering around. He says he suspects the shots came from the helicopters based on the angle of the bullet holes.

He also testified that he heard three bombs.

And Mr. Green – who says he’s a first class welder – also lamented that residents of Tivoli have to lie about their addresses when they seek employment.