PNP presidential aspirant, Peter Bunting, is declaring that he sees a clear path to victory in the party’s keenly-contested presidential race.

This comes only 24-hours after long-standing PNP Member of Parliament, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, confirmed his support for Mr. Bunting.

Dr. Ferguson had been a staunch supporter of Dr. Phillips, endorsing his candidacy during two PNP leadership challenges in 2006 and 2008. 

However, according to Mr. Bunting, Dr. Ferguson now believes that he, Bunting, has a better chance of leading the PNP to a General Elections victory against the Andrew-Holness led Jamaica Labour Party.

With just under a month to go before the delegates of the PNP bring the party’s presidential contest to a climax, Mr. Bunting is citing that his path to securing leadership of the 81-year-old political party is clear.

He expressed confidence in his ‘Rise United’ campaign while speaking with Nationwide News yesterday.

In reacting to Dr. Ferguson’s support for him, Mr. Bunting expressed tremendous joy at the declaration.

He described Dr. Ferguson as a giant in PNP politics for almost 30-years.

He says Dr. Ferguson had a hard decision to make but chose the party over his usual support for Dr. Phillips.

The Presidential hopeful says Dr. Ferguson’s considerable leverage, nationally, will help to boost his candidacy on the ground.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bunting says Dr. Ferguson cited as a reason for supporting him, his appeal with voters under the age of 40.