Investment Minister, Daryl Vaz, says the $11-billion dollar agricultural project in Lakes Pen, St. Catherine which was announced yesterday augurs well for the country’s economic prospects.

He also says the multi-billion dollar venture packs the potential of boosting the fortunes of farmers in St. Catherine – including those in the Bernard Lodge area.

The project is expected to provide more than 1-thousand direct jobs by mid next year.

Projections show that the initiative which is being led by prominent businessman, Gassan Azan, could significantly reduce Jamaica’s import bill.

Minister Vaz says the project opens up several significant possibilities.

Minister Vaz says the project shows that people who’ve argued that the Government is damaging the agriculture sector due to its pursuit of the Bernard Lodge master plan, are being mischievous.

The Investment Minister says the project is also likely to help address issues which have contributed to low production in the Bernard Lodge area.

In the meantime, Minister Vaz says the Government has issued a directive that no farmer should be dislodged during the implementation of the Bernard Lodge Master Plan.

The Investment Minister says despite propaganda in the public domain the Bernard Lodge project will be a win-win for all stakeholders.

Daryl Vaz, Minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Investment, speaking recently with Nationwide News.