Nationwide News understands that a majority of Opposition MPs have written embattled Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, and requested a meeting to discuss the future of the party.

The letter was written yesterday as tensions are rising in the Opposition PNP about Dr. Phillips’s leadership and the party’s chances at the next General Election.

15 of the 29 Opposition MPs signed the letter which has been obtained by Nationwide News.

The MPs told Dr. Phillips that since the announcement of his adverse medical condition and the course of treatment there has been no meeting of the Opposition caucus of MPs.

The 15 MPs who are requesting a meeting told Dr. Phillips they wish to meet him to express solidarity about his medical condition and discuss matters concerning the future of the PNP.

The MPs told Dr. Phillips that they wished for the meeting to take place before Monday of next week.

The constitution says the Opposition Leader should command the support of the majority of Opposition MPs.

Among the 15 MPs who signed the letter requesting a meeting with Dr. Phillips are Robert Pickersgill, Ian Hayles, Luther Buchanan, Mark Golding and Dr. Angela Brown Burke.

Those Opposition MPs had recently supported Peter Bunting’s challenge to Dr. Phillips’s leadership of the PNP.
Bunting narrowly lost the challenge.

Mr. Bunting also signed the letter.

Our news centre understands that Dr. Phillips, who’s battling stage 3 cancer, responded today to the letter which was signed by the 15 Opposition MPs.

The PNP President said he was doing well and would ask General Secretary Julian Robinson to organize a meeting of the Parliamentary Group at the earliest opportunity.