The Ministry of Health says a total of 18 babies have died due to what our news center disclosed last week is a deadly outbreak of an infection at hospitals across the island.

Nationwide News disclosed last week that a deadly infection or what some medical personnel referred to as a mystery bug, was affecting the University Hospital of the West Indies, the UHWI.

Our news center also revealed this morning that the infection has impacted the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Western Jamaica.

Addressing a media briefing at Jamaica House this morning, officials from the Health Ministry confirmed that the deadly Serratia and Klebsiella infections have been affecting both healthcare institutions.

According to the Ministry, Jamaica is currently in the midst of its second outbreak of the infection.

The Ministry says the first infection began in July this year.

Health Ministry personnel told the media briefing that the outbreaks have claimed the lives of 18 babies.

According to the Ministry, a total 42 babies have been infected during the outbreak.

The Ministry notes that many of the 18 babies who’ve died, were born premature.

Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson told journalists this morning that three experts are expected to visit the island shortly to assist in fighting the infection.