The defense in the One Don/Klansman Gang Trial has so far closed cases for 20 of the 28 remaining alleged gang members.

Five defense lawyers have, however, indicated that they have requested documents to add to the trial.

Twenty-four of the defendants including the alleged gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan have since added their voices to the trial.

One after the other made sworn and unsworn statements denying the allegations against them.

Robian Williams was in court today and files this report.

Kevaugn Green, the brother of the alleged gang leader Bryan, professed his innocence, calling the witnesses liars. He says he has never test fired any guns or worn any bullet proof vests as one of the witness previously testified.

Another defendant, Daniel McKenzie, alias Biggs, in his unsworn statement says he was never any don for the Lauriston community in Spanish Town. He says he has never owned nor used a gun in his life.

Claiming his innocence, defendant Lamar Simpson, alias Sickhead, got emotional when expressing to the judge that he is a father of two sons and that he’s the man who has to stand for his family. He begged, “your faithfulness, look through my side and every side, I am not guilty.”

Talking casually for over six minutes, defendant Michael Whitely says he knows nothing about any gang, he is a chef and has been cooking since he was 15.

“I don’t in no gang, just mi food shop mi deal wid.”

Pete Miller, alias Smokey, says his father was killed by members of the Klansman Gang, so he could never join such a gang. He refuted the witnesses’ allegations of being a don for the Waterloo community in Spanish Town.

Pointing to the witness’ claim of him having a ‘bend foot,’ Miller asked the Judge’s permission to move from the dock and walk. Which he did, in an aim to demonstrate that neither of his two feet have a bend.

Laughter erupted in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, defendant Donavon Richards described himself as a higgler not a gangster, as he tries to stay focus on his business, three children and his mother’s health condition.

He says this is his third time before the courts for anti-gang related charges. However, he says the previous cases were thrown out due to lack of evidence.

“I killed no one, I am not a gang member, I was no bodyguard” says the accused Tareek James who claims he’s been in police custody from November 2017, to date. He says all the allegations of his involvement in a criminal organization comes as a surprise.

He told the judge that he has a boom box and he plays a song from it daily. He went further, saying out loud the lyrics of the song “All I have are my dreams, all I want is my freedom.”

The lone female defendant, Stephanie Christie, alias Muma, also rose to her feet, saying she is a businesswoman, not a criminal. She describes herself as a people person, caring for the elderly and the youth in her community.

She went further stating that she hosted several social activities including sports to engage youngsters in the community as well as neighbouring communities. Christie says she also enrolled youngsters in school.

She adds that she is not and was never part of any gang and that Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan is her good friend as they went to school together.

Five of the 23 accused who gave statements so far in court denied ever knowing Bryan before the start of the case.

The trial reconvenes on Thursday at 10:00 in the morning.