Political Commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, is describing as premature what he says is a pattern of unreliable public utterances from Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips. 

The Opposition PNP, led by Dr Phillips, came out swinging Wednesday, claiming it had uncovered the corrupt issuance of up to 1-point-6 billion dollars worth of de-bushing contracts in St. Thomas by RADA.

But, RADA Chairman Nigel Myrie, has dismissed the claims as false and political.

Mr. Chang says Dr. Phillips should consult his advisors before making public major utterances. 

Kevin O’Brien Chang, Political Commentator. 

In the meantime, Political commentator, Helene Davis Whyte, says the  Opposition Leader has provided no credible evidence to support his claim that there’s a massive scheme to rip off 1-point-6-billion dollars of public funds.

Mrs. Davis Whyte says Dr. Phillips placed himself in a difficult position when he declared that the PNP’s investigations have revealed an enormous de-bushing scandal and a massive rip of scheme at RADA

Mrs. Davis Whyte is expressing disappointment in the strategy of the Opposition.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5.