Chairman of the Economic Growth Council, EGC, Michael Lee-Chin, says politically-motivated sabotage is Stifling the country’s growth agenda.

Mr Lee-Chin says civil servants have informed him that they have colleagues in the public sector who put political allegiance above patriotism. 

The EGC Chairman was addressing the Council’s 9th quarterly review media briefing at Jamaica House yesterday.

Mr. Lee Chin says, the Holness administration’s five in four growth target may have been more achievable had there been fewer retardants to growth.

Chief among a list of 15 retardants to growth he mentioned, was what he described as a lack of accountability within government. 

He launched a broadside against permanent secretaries, whose security of tenure is enshrined in law.

He’s calling on the government and the opposition to review the meaning of permanent in the case of the chief accountants. 

Mr Lee Chin says his call to action follows 75 meetings in the past five years with key stakeholders about growth impediments. 

Meanwhile, CEO of the growth council, Senator Aubyn Hill, says Jamaica’s growth is trending in the right direction.

But, he says if Jamaica is to have sustained economic growth, it will require digitization in all major sectors.

According to Senator Hill, digitization will not only help to reduce crime and corruption but also increase efficiency and facilitate greater ease for ordinary Jamaicans conducting business.

Senator Aubyn Hill, CEO of the EGC.

He was speaking yesterday at the EGC’s 9th quarterly report media briefing at Jamaica House.