A review of the Internet connectivity needs of Jamaica’s public schools has found that more than 63-percent of institutions have poor or no broadband Internet connection.

The revelation was made in the House of Representatives on Tuesday by Technology Minister, Daryl Vaz.

The disclosure comes at a time when the education system has been burdened by poor Internet connection as students are being engaged in online teaching modalities.

The Technology Minister says in an effort to address the glaring gaps, the Ministry will be implementing a tiered system for the provision of broadband service to the nation’s schools.

The tiers will be determined by school population size and access needs.

Minister Vaz says each tier of schools will be connected to a single Internet source, thereby eliminating the need for multiple service contracts across the education sector.

Tier One will cover schools with up to 4-hundred students enrolled.

The Minister says Tier Two will focus on schools located in rural communities across the island.

Mr. Vaz revealed that some schools have been paying up to $US5,000 monthly for Internet access.

He says the new system will provide the Education Ministry with a greater opportunity to monitor what students are exposed to online while at school.

Daryl Vaz, Technology Minister.