President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, Dr. Mindi Fitz Henley is outraged that the country may have to dump doses of the AstraZeneca branded COVID-19 vaccines which will expire Friday.

According to Dr. Fitz Henley, this is despite the government providing ample opportunities and venues for Jamaicans to take the jab.

Dr. Fitz Henley explained that health care workers have been working overtime at several vaccination sites.

She says the onus has to be placed on the general public to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the JMDA President says persons should go to the vaccination sites before Friday to prevent the vaccines from being thrown out.

She is also raising concern about doctors who are supporting anti-vaccination agendas.

Dr. Mindi Fitz Henley, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mindi Fitz Henley says the $10.3 billion increase that will be allocated to the Health sector is a good start.

She says while the increase is welcome, the health sector’s daily expenses during the pandemic, will surpass the stipulated figure.

The government announced the additional billions toward the health sector as part of its first supplementary estimates for the Fiscal Year 2021-22.

This includes sums put aside to clear up arrears and make incentive payments to COVID-19 frontline workers.

Dr. Fitz Henley explained that this increase is not an additional payment to healthcare workers, but the money they have earned.

The JMDA President says some people have been owed money for more than a decade.

Dr. Mindi Fitz Henley, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association